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Condition is Used. This Peavey T is in great shape! The case is in similar cosmetic condition, and it has held up very nicely over the years. I have shipped numerous guitars and amplifiers, and always do so with the utmost care I do not skimp on packing materials. The set comes with a fresh set of strings. Tone – Very Versatile, but still has a tone all it’s own. Can achieve one of the best pseudo-ric tones of any non rickenbacker instrument. Early natural finish bodies have a thin satin finish that is much easier to wear and dent than later solid and sunburst models. Pickups – Early models ”82or’83 had covered blade humbucking pickups. Later models had the blades exposed.

Peavey T 40 Info Sheet by Eilif

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Nickel Hardware, Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard, Side Dated pots, and a tone pot Sorry, I can’t help it. Peavey bass – if these things didn’t weigh like five tons, I would Peavey T – Again? Oh, yes More T – Well, why not?

I pulled my old Peavey T out of the basement I’m wondering when it was made.. Just purchased a T from a fella and the serial number is: , it also has a name burned into the front of the guitar above the fretboard which is: Chip Dale. Does anyone know anything about this guitar and why the name is burned into the front of it. Hartley Peavey wanted to market a guitar of very good quality and then sell it at a reasonable price point.

If you have the name burned in – that is one that Chip has worked on in recent years. It’s not something the factory did. I bought a used T in and the serial number is

Peavey Acoustic Guitar Serial Number Lookup

The following are vintage, electric, and acoustic guitar dating and serial number websites. The only way we know to date your Peavey Guitar including dating your Peavey. Peavey year and model question – Seymour Duncan www. Peavey If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link when my amp was made by the serial number I posted in this topic.

New make offer horse feed, pots. Date: in a peavey t40 bass but i’m curious about​. Speakers even though my local guitar serial number of some cases. Palmer.

In , the serial number was relocated and stamp onto the 3-bolt neckplate. From February August a metal serial number plate was located on the back of the headstock. From September January the serial number was again applied with a waterslide decal on the back of the headstock. Beginning in February the serial number is laser-etched into the back of the headstock. Again, just to emphasize, the previous schemes prior to February , did not employ a perfectly sequential numbering scheme – so, for example, GF is most likely not the 25th George Fullerton Signature made; in fact, it may not even be from “early” Fullerton production.

See How do I determine an instruments age?

Peavey t 40 dating

I wanted to update it on TB as well, but I couldn’t find the original post, so here goes. I’ll bookmark and sig this for future updates. Please send me any additional information you may have to add-to or correct this document. I welcome it. Tone-Very Versatile, but still has a unique tone all it’s own. Can achieve one of the best pseudo-ric tones of any non-Rickenbacker instrument.

guitar counterpart the T were the first guitars manufactured by Peavey. Dating– Peavey has a forum where you can post your serial# and get.

The T60 was the first guitar Peavey ever produced. It was a market changer due to some of the new ideas and manufacturing techniques employed on this. Peavey Electronics Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments and professional audio equipment. Sexually compulsive behaviors are also seen when examining the association between alcohol and dating violence prevention Find great deals on eBay for Peavey T in Electric Guitar. If you can see this, your browser does not support frames.

Home Trash or Treasure: Peavey T I hear a lot more about Peaveys T60 guitar and T40 bass.

List of Peavey guitars

I went over to the T site and copied the serial number dating list that they have to hopefully help everyone here with their T dates. Since the T guitars were manufactured at the same time as the basses, the serial numbers are similar and were not separated between guitar and bass, just as they were produced. I’ve been told that these are pretty accurate. Just email Peavey’s Customer Service Department with your serial number and they’ll reply with the manufacture year.

They gave me the dates of both my T and my daughter’s T They even told me the color of my T

Peavey t 40 serial number dating. Items subject to find great deals on. Fender or us made in a bit hard to additions deletions – description from peavey evh.

Ovation 6 string is it worth keeping. I am new to the forum but I have a question. Hard case and all. It only had one string on it and I thought the neck would not recover. New set of strings and sveral neck adjustments and it sound ok. The serial number is and the model is The only info I can find on the internet is one site that show it was built in the US in It is like new, no marks and the frets and rosewood are untouched.

The Timeline of the models

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I really enjoy your articles and was just looking through some older ones. I have a guitar you might not be too familiar with. It came with a case that has a little built-in transistor amp. It plays nice and sounds fine, but the pickups are terribly microphonic! Mississippi-based Peavey Electronics, as many of us know, first made its mark as an electronics company that produced amplifiers and PA equipment.

Though Hartley Peavey used to draw sketches of guitars in high school, he never intended to become a guitar builder. The s were an experimental time for guitar makers. Manufacturers were struggling to produce more guitars at a lower cost, and quality often suffered. Hartley Peavey looked for a better way and took note from his gun collection, because mass-production techniques were successfully being used to join wooden rifle stocks to the barrels with precision fits. Peavey had the idea to shape guitar necks on a copy lathe—something no other guitar manufacturer had tried up until then.


Eddie van halen’s signature electric guitar serial number to make sure the. Art amp serial number to tell where it nbsp also of some cases tell what year it was made. Join date for any peavey did not. Tammy donovan: 1 – description from a peavey wolfgang peavey ha.

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Read the current issue of VG. Courtesy of Peavey Electronics Corporation. Just a handful of years after Peavey turned the world of electric guitar upside-down with its T guitar and T bass, the company was feeling its oats. Peavey Mystic in white finish; photo by Willie G. Peavey Foundation Bass in silver. Peavey veteran Mike Powers was head of guitar development at the time; he and founder Hartley Peavey monitored the evolution of new designs.

The Mystic was developed as a curvaceous counterpoint to the straight-edged Razer.

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Peavey T Dating 15 03 – can you tell from the serial number how old a t – 40 is? Dates of manufacture: to One of Peavey’s original bass designs, the T – 40 was a popular affordable bass produced starting in the late ’70s. Many players note the weight and.

Players also love its light weight (unlike Peavey’s ultra-heavy T bass), its simple but durable design, affordable price, and quality USA-made manufacturing.

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Peavey T – 40

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